Be Yourself

By Annabel Hurton - 24 Mar 2017

Are you wondering what asexuality is? Until recently, so was I. defines “an asexual person ('ace', for short) [as] someone who does not experience sexual attraction.” I interviewed an asexual woman to find out more, and it turned out to be a great reminder for the importance of being yourself. 

Lilly, aged 20, identifies as asexual and has a passion for psychology and biology. She currently studies at the University of Canterbury, and she is hoping to become a school teacher when she graduates. She says she has been “horribly misquoted” in a previous interview, so, I promise, there will be no fake news in this article.

Be Yourself - BounceLilly has a supportive friendship group who accept her for who she is. Her mother found out she was asexual during an interview “via live radio” and reacted to the news by simply saying, “Okay, well, that’s a thing then.” Her friends' and family’s willingness to embrace her sexuality has brought her happiness. She mentions that anyone wanting to know more about asexuality should have a look at The Asexual Visibility & Education Network as it explains what asexuality is in more detail.

Lilly’s message to those questioning if they were asexual was simply, “Live your life, do what you want, eat more cake.” Her interview showed that we must embrace diversity and never be afraid to show our true selves. Our differences make us stronger, braver, and more creative. Be fearlessly authentic, because each of us is a rare masterpiece.

Being true to yourself can be hard, and, sometimes, we want to put on a mask. Choose to be unapologetically proud of who you are, and know that those who love you will support you. They are the people who will have your back when things get tough. Do not edit yourself to fit in; instead, surround yourself with those who lift you up and encourage you to be a better person.

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be yourself.” - Richard Bach