Ethical consumption on a budget

By Annabel Hurton - 7 Sep 2017

Ethical consumption is on the rise, and studies show that us millennials are more likely to buy ethical goods than our older counterparts (The Nielsen Company). However, ethical consumption on a budget can be hard. Fear not, I have put together a list of ethical goods that won’t dent your wallet.

Buy Local:
Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables can be much cheaper than choosing overseas alternatives, as you are not paying that little bit extra for shipping costs and fancy packaging. Locally grown foods are often more ethical than their overseas counterparts, and, not only are you supporting local businesses, but saving the environment in the process.
Hint: Tropical fruits can also have hugely hiked up prices because they cannot be grown in New Zealand.
FairTrade chocolate blocks are $3.99, vegan, organic, and a yummy snack for all of us with a sweet tooth. Excitingly enough, their dark chocolate blocks are exactly the same price as their other flavours, and in my humble opinion, much more tasty than other brands. Therefore, it is a healthy snack for your trail mix, great as a cooking chocolate, and a guilt free pleasure. Believe it or not, Cadbury’s New Zealand has a partnership with FairTrade. In 2018, they are creating their first FairTrade product line called Cocoa Life. Admittedly, they haven’t yet priced this brand, but their ability to sell bulk product means the price is likely to remain lower than other smaller ethical brands.

Thrift store shopping is the most ethical form of shopping. Not only do they sell cheaper clothes, but every item of clothing you buy becomes a recycled good. Thrift stores are often charity based (such as the Red Cross Shop on Manchester Street), or local businesses, meaning every dollar you spend goes directly back into the community or New Zealand economy.

Overall, ethical consumption is often easier than you would first believe. With a little bit of online research anyone can choose ethical products without denting their wallet. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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