Find your hidden strengths!

By All Right?- Guest blog - 15 Jul 2016

Knowing your strengths is an excellent way to KnowYourself, and can have a positive impact on your happiness,relationships, confidence and life satisfaction. Using your strengths is alsoan awesome way to Make a Difference in your community!

But, like a lot of young people, you might agree thatidentifying your strengths is difficult. Determining your strengths from theskills that you are good at (eg: sport, music, academia) can only tell us somuch about ourselves in certain situations.

The truth is, we all have hidden strengths (e.g. honesty,forgiveness, humour). These hidden strengths might not be related to the thingsthat we are good at ‘doing’, but are great at helping us to be good at who we are!While these ‘hidden’ strengths might not always be obvious to us, it is good toknow that they support not only ourselves in our day-to-day lives, but can alsosupport us to make a difference in our community.

Each and every one of our strengthsis just as important as those of others in our community. There are no ‘top’strengths that we should all aspire towards having; instead we should nurtureand develop those that we already have and think about how we might be able touse them to support others.

The strengths’ finder quiz that the AllRight? campaign ispromoting on their website is a useful tool to help you find out what yourhidden strengths are, and is proving popular with high school students. As partof her mission to increase awareness about mental health, Villa Maria head girlLiv Kerr is encouraging Villa students’ to do the quiz. So far 89 of herschoolmates have completed it.

Liv’s top three strengths are ‘appreciation of beauty’ and‘excellence’, ‘bravery’ and ‘forgiveness’.

Curious to find out about your strengths? Head to the All Right? website and take the 10 minute quiz! It’s agreat quiz to do with your classmates, and All Right? even has a cool poster generator that you can use to showcase yourclasses’ strengths on!

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