Kia Kaha

By Becky - 19 - 29 Oct 2015

Live Life Well In The Moment

Life feels like it is currently running at 100km an hour, and I’m sitting behind the wheel fairly confident I will make it home, but often bewildered at the prospect of how I will reach there. Responsibilities are falling away, and the summer sun is calling my name along with friends who I would quite easily drop a day of study to go and spend time with.

Life is full of sweet things, but I feel I have to achieve a lot of things before any of them are fully in my reach. Recently I’ve been reminded of how important it is to offer my best self to the task at hand. Whether that be a few dedicated hours of study, or a coffee with a friend. My mind needs to be focussed on the moment I am dwelling in, rather than scattered on the billion other things that often seem to rule my life.

I have been finding real value in learning how to enjoy the spontaneous beach trips, and evening bonfires, despite the work load that faces me the day following. I’ve been learning not feel guilt for taking the long route home when my favourite song is playing on the radio. Despite having assignments on my back, I know that without giving myself time to foster creativity and delight in the small things, I will hardly feel motivated to write the other 1000 words I’ve been putting off.

Find time to live in the moment and do the things you love.

Sometimes all it takes to get in the flow of study, is to preface the dreaded three hours study with 15 minutes of your best friends company. Feed off their delight in seeing you succeed, and allow it to push you towards completing the big task that is looming over your head.

We all have things that give us dread, that make our palms clammy and our heart feel a little tighter in our chest. It’s alright to feel overwhelmed and let a few (or a lot of) tears over your keyboard in times of frustration. It’s even okay to feel like you’ll never move past the feeling of ‘I really can’t do this’.

What I passionately feel is not okay is dwelling in that moment of frustration longer than needed; don’t give doubt and worry time it does not deserve. 

Your time is precious and you have the ability to bring your best self to each task at hand. As I’m learning about enjoying the sweet things in life that are crafting me to become my best self, I challenge you to do the same!

Catch the sunset tonight, or perhaps a few episodes of your fave TV show. Don’t be burdened with guilt when you push aside study for a few small hours, because that may be just the time you need to muster up the courage to plough through the rest of this year like a boss. 

Keep at it! Kia Kaha.

Becky – 19