Let's Adult Together

By Eleanor Hurton - 11 Apr 2017

Being a young person has its challenges, and I’m sure you can think of a few things that are impacting you.

On my end, I had been feeling overwhelmed lately as the end of the university term was coming up, I am worried about the wellbeing of a couple of my friends, and I am anxiously waiting for the results of some medical tests my doctor authorized.

The difficulty of being a young adult, especially those of us aged 18-25, is that we are expected to have everything figured out – be it in study or work – and have our lives mapped out.

Let's Adult Together
Sometimes I feel like a mini adult and I just want to get the advice of an “adultier” adult who has more life experience and wisdom than I have. I want to talk to an adult, but suddenly I realise that I am an adult – and that can feel pretty scary at times.

Depending on your background, you might have had to grow up faster than others, but the reality is we’re all new at this “adult” thing – suddenly we can vote, take on loans, and have increasing responsibilities.

“Adulting” can be hard and exhausting and utterly confusing! But I want you to know that we are all stumbling along this journey together, and – trust me – when you think you’re asking the dumb questions about how to pay rent or how to get to a lecture hall, there are thousands of young adults asking the same questions.

I met an older friend last year who told me that he wished more people would ask him questions, because it is better to seek clarification than to just keep feeling lost and helpless.

I would urge you all to ask questions! Ask your mum what your rights as a renter are, ask your lecturer the question you need answered about the assignment, or even ask your co-workers how to use the coffee machine you desperately want to use during your break.

What I have learned is that us young adults are afraid to ask questions – but other people really aren’t afraid to answer them!

People are more than willing to lend a hand or point you in the right direction – but you have to be willing to ask the questions first!

We young adults are a diverse and strong bunch, and I know we will succeed at anything we put our minds to. But if we don’t ask the questions, who will?

“I'm always looking, and I'm always asking questions.” – Anne Rice.