Writer's Block

By Eleanor Hurton - 4 Sep 2017

Recently, I’ve been having some writer's block. I have wanted to write another Bounce blog post for a while, but honestly have been out of inspiration. So, I thought – why not write on not being able to write?

We all come across a block in our journeys at some point or another. Maybe you don’t know how to finish a university assignment, a work task seems too complicated, or you can’t figure out how to support a friend going through a hard time. Whatever the reason, blocks are honestly really, truly frustrating. It can be easier to simply give up and decide to move on from whatever challenge you are facing. But how can we learn and grow if we walk away from the issues in our lives?

Bounce writer's block
I’m not saying that we should never leave a situation. In some instances, that can be a healthy and sensible decision. But often giving up can simply take away a chance for us to build up courage, resilience, or knowledge. If I only write when I am inspired, I miss the opportunity to learn how to persevere through my own block and to learn how to address writers block the next time it occurs in my life.

The reality of life is that blocks do crop up at the worst of times. But we must try to deal with them head on and not give up. This does not necessarily mean we have to deal with the block alone. Maybe it might be helpful to talk with a lecturer, work colleague, or coach. Depending on the situation, it could also be helpful to reach out to a friend, pastor, or therapist.

Whether you need outside help or not, I would encourage you to tackle that block in your life. There is no shame in feeling stuck, and, if you ask those around you, I am sure you will hear lots of stories about blocks they have faced in their own lives. Blocks are annoying and maddening but I would encourage you to use those blocks to progress and build up your tools to be able to tackle the next block that comes along.

Like Amber Frey said, “In the end, it all comes to choices to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones."