Connect with others

Connecting with others is a great way to feel good – we can learn so much from each other. Finding people you trust and who you’re comfortable with is really helpful if there are things that you want a bit of support with. You can be a great source of support to others too, and they’ll really appreciate it These tips can help you connect with others, whether it’s a friend, a sibling or parent, a teacher, coach, boss, or neighbour.

  • Meet up for coffee.
  • Hang out with mates.
  • Get involved in volunteer work, you’ll meet heaps of like-minded people.
  • Walk around school, university, your neighbourhood, or even the mall – it’s amazing how many people you may bump into.
  • Use Facebook to get in touch with people you haven’t spoken to in a while, or give them a text. Talk about what each of you have been up to. If there’s lots to talk about, arrange a place to meet up, or, if you’re miles apart, Skype each other.
  • Invite people over for a movie or games night. See how many new people you can connect in the group.
  • Join a group on Facebook who have similar interests to you, or start your own group.
  • Listen to your friends and family –paying attention to what someone is saying makes them feel appreciated and gives you a good feeling too.
  • Not every friendship will last a lifetime, and picking good mates only comes with time and experience.
  • Remember not to take any lost friendships personally. We all lose touch with people, even those who were once our closest mates.