Make a difference

Yes, you can make a difference. Even the little things we do can make a big difference to someone’s day. Here are some of the things we’ve done to make a difference (and to help stop boredom!):

  • Leave anonymous compliments on people’s desks.
  • Volunteer for charity.
  • Bake for friends and family.
  • Run a fundraiser event – you could do this on your own, or get a team together. You could also compete with other classes at school
  • Make something for someone – you could bake a cake, make a planter box, or design a birthday card.
  • Get a group of friends together to help a neighbour move out of their house.
  • Listen to a friend who’s going through a tough time, or just listen to a friend at any time – good stuff is important too.
  • Plan a random act of kindness.
  • Have a long chat with friends.
  • Encourage people and remind them of their strengths and the good things about them! This can really help people who might be having a tough time.
  • Just listen and treat people with empathy.